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Baby #1 Turkey

A big part of our story is our journey to have kids. Since it is Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month, we thought we would make our first few posts about our infertility journey.

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Baby #7 Eleven

I honestly thought this time this was going to be our rainbow baby and realizing that it wasn't meant to be, hurt so much.

After plan and where we are now (2016)

After the past year and losing two babies in 2015 (losing 6 babies in that span of 6 years of marriage), Ian and I were emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. We decided that we still wanted to keep going and trying all that we could do to have a baby on our own before exploring surrogacy.

Baby # 5 Bashful Littlefoot

It was hard for both of us to see our little fighter hold on as long as his little body could and there was nothing we could do to help him. It broke our hearts.

Baby #6 Manhattan

Ian and I both got so excited because on the ultrasound was the biggest baby we have ever seen!! He definitely was our biggest baby so far and grew significantly from last week. We were in awe.

Baby #4 Orange

What my husband and I have to prove that our babies existed is this blog, our ultrasound pictures, our memories, my medical records, and now I can say that we had a baby boy.

Baby #3 Heart

Our baby was bigger from last time, heart beat was great, and no signs of bleeding. We actually got to see our baby progress for the first time!

Baby #2 Jitterbug

This time the ultrasound was different from our last time - we got to see and hear our baby’s heart beating!

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